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I was reading, BUSET an Indonesian tabloid the other day, and came across an article about ProjectO from PPIA RMIT (RMIT’s Indonesian student association). As I read through the article, I was amazed not only of the passion and dedication of these young Indonesian, but also on their management skills of organising and managing such an elaborate project.

They function and act just like a fully functioned professional corporation. They have a clear objective of their organisation, a mission statement, a fully functional working team, a clear strategy on how to achieve their goal, and have tactical programs to support the strategy. I was so impressed by the maturity of these young “professional” which I proudly call my fellow Indonesian.

The main objective of this project is to educate young Indonesians and their school communities about poverty in Indonesia. They also provide funding for projects in Indonesia which tackle challenges facing young people living in poverty. The highlight of their project is a talent show to raise funds for less fortunate children in Indonesia.

It’s always heart warming to see group of young fellow Indonesian who are passionate about helping others and full of great ideas!! If all Indonesian youth have the same drive as these youngsters, I am sure Indonesia will be a strong nation – a nation that is set for development.

Come and support the work of these great Indonesian youth!

For more information on RMIT’s ProjectO: Reboot 2011, visit their website

Watch this space for more information and updates on ProjectO: Reboot 2011


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