Although our main objective is to provide hope to Indonesian children, we are also engaged in activities for general development in Indonesia.

RedMission Indonesia will be active in social events such as  fundraising for place of worships (e.g. mosque), assisting poverty stricken communities, support and attending fund-raising events organized by other charity organizations, or meeting people with the same aspiration to provide ideas in helping our mission.

On the Social Activities page you will see what RedMission Indonesia has achieved and what we are planning to do in the near future.

Fundraising: Yahya and Suwandi

Fundraising: Al Ikhlas Mosque

RedMission Indonesia’s Charity Walk

Watch this space for RedMission Indonesia’s Fundraising Events

Garage Sales and Sunday Market

RedMission Indonesia will be holding a get together with friends to collect unwanted items for sale on eBay, garage sale & Sunday market. The money collected will be used to support RedMission Indonesia’s cause.