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Posted by RedMission Indonesia On July - 9 - 2011 7 Comments

Lina is 7 years old. At the age when most kids start going to school, Lina starts her day in Jakarta’s city streets and intersections. Lina is among many children in Jakarta, who lives in poverty and sacrifice education for work. Life is tough for Lina. At a very young age, her parents expect her to help her family makes ends meet – a big […]

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Like many big cities in developing countries, Jakarta suffers from major urbanization problems. With an estimated population of around 23 million, Jakarta is now the fourth largest urban area in the world. The rapid population growth has outgrown the government’s ability to provide basic needs for its residents. Air pollution and waste management are some from many severe problems faced by Jakarta residents. We’ve arrived […]

Posted by RedMission Indonesia On July - 2 - 2011 0 Comment

I was reading, BUSET an Indonesian tabloid the other day, and came across an article about ProjectO from PPIA RMIT (RMIT’s Indonesian student association). As I read through the article, I was amazed not only of the passion and dedication of these young Indonesian, but also on their management skills of organising and managing such an elaborate project. They function and act just like a […]