Puspita was born June 10th 1998 in a remote village in Kalimantan island, known as Dusun Gok Nala, Kecamatan Parindu. Her village is sadly known as one of the poorest village in Indonesia with no electricity and very poor public services. The majority of people living in the village rely on selling their produce to support their day-to-day life.

A few years back, Puspita’s village received a donation from the Australian government to install solar panels for electricity in each house holds. After a few years, these panels had worn down and needed maintenance and even replacements, but with no funds or qualified technicians, they are now back to living in the dark.


Puspita’s parents are simple farmers. The family can barely provide daily food let alone keeping Puspita in school. With no school funds and no school available for Puspita in the village, she was forced to leave her parents and move to the city.

Puspita is now in junior high and lives in a dormitory sponsored by a local church. She is a lovely quiet little girl and enjoys going to school.

Through our sponsors, RedMission Indonesia has been supporting Puspita to stay in school. She is now preparing for her final exams and happy stay in her dormitory with her friends.