Christina was born March 4th 1998 in a remote village in Kalimantan, known as Dusun Kadak, Kecamatan Bonti. Her village is sadly one of the poorest villages in Indonesia with dirt roads, no electricity and very poor public services.

Christina’s parents are farmers. As a low income family, Christina’s parents can barely support her day-to-day living cost. Her family recognises the importance of education and how this is the only way they can be freed from a poverty stricken life. Christina’s parents aspired her to have the highest education, to make something of herself and finally hope to lead a better life than what her parents have endured.

Unfortunately, there isn’t even a proper school for Christina in her village. If she wanted to continue her studies, she had to leave her village, which means she had to leave her parents. She’s led a tough life. In an age where she should be just thinking of playing with her friends and enjoying her childhood, she is faced with a difficult situation of having to be apart from her parents, family and friends.

Christina is one from many children in rural village Indonesia that needs a helping hand. Through our sponsors, Christina can continue her studies and one day may reach for her dreams.

Christina is now in her 1st year of Junior High. She now lives in a dormitory sponsored by a local church. She’s preparing for her final exams now and looking forward to be a senior in her high school.

She loves going to school and hope that one day she can come back to her village and help build her village.