Yahya has a medical condition called Anorectal Malformations. He didn’t have an anus when he was born. here.

Usually a colostomy (see this accompanying article) is placed after birth to facilitate stooling while allowing the child to grow before corrective surgery is performed. He was at the age that he was ready to go to school. This colostomy started to smell so he was too embarrassed to go to school.

After successful fund raising events, we contacted some Indonesian LSMs (Lembaga Masyarakat Indonesia) or NGOs (Non Government Organisation). We were referred by our friend who is a doctor and has her own LSM called Lintas Budaya, to Obor Berkat Indonesia OBI (Obor Berkat Indonesia) who helped us get in touch with a specialist who was able to perform a corrective surgery for Yahya.

After a successful procedure, Yahya is now a happy, healthy boy and can now even return to school. We will be posting Yahya’s recent healthy pictures soon.