Working with children has always been my passion. A lot of people underestimate their presence. Some think that children are just noisy, naughty and frustrating to be around with…Although this may sometimes be true, a lot of people fail to see that children and their qualities are constant reminder of how we should live life! Care-free, and fearless!!

Coming from a third world country I have seen how underprivileged children are struggling to obtain even the most basic need of shelter, health, and education. To help break the chain of poverty and illiteracy, we need to work together not just as an individual, but as a community. We need to step up and be the agent of change. Even the smallest contribution WILL make a difference.

Although I have an undying passion to work with and around children and making a difference to my community, sadly I have never had the opportunity to fulfill my passion. I come from a corporate world, with over 10 years of experience in the marketing communications industry. I am currently working in an IT company as Marketing Communications Manager. Although I love what I do now, I wish that one day I can give something back to my community. I want to do more for my country.

I once worked as a volunteer in a local Indonesian school, Sekolah Anak Jalanan (School for street children), teaching basic English, math, art and most important, a life attitude that “everything is possible in life and they can be whatever they wish in life  – The sky is the limit!”. I loved my work in this school! The kids brought me more joy and fulfilment than what I have given them. I wish one day I could continue my work as a teacher for more children.

Having this blog and working with a close friend of mine who share the same passion is my first step in helping children in need. Together, we WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We want to help children and invite you to be part of our mission, the RedMission Indonesia!