I am a mother of two little boys; Javier, 5 & Zayn, 3. I am an Indonesian who is married to an Australian and I have been living in Melbourne, Australia for over 15 years now.

I love meeting new, interesting and inspiring people. I always have passionate about helping others in need ever since I was younger. My (late) mom had told me that when I was a little kid every times I saw tukang minta-minta (beggers), I used to ask her for some money so I could give it to them. I always try to make the little positive difference in the world that I can. Though often stress too much about some things, right from the little and insignificant things in life through to the distressful issues of the world; pain, suffering, war, poverty, environmental destruction, species extinctions etc (see what I mean, too much stress! LOL). However, I try to look at the positive side of life, the good in everyone and remember all the wonderful achievements of people throughout the world.

I have been privileged to have done volunteer works here and there over the years. From doing Receptionist at the Channel 31, Administration Assistant at the Access Training and Employment Centre (ATEC), managing clothing stores for some non-profit organisations, to teaching English for Migrants at the AMES (Adult Multicultural Education Services) Education Centre.

I somehow always like the red color ever since I was very young age. The red color has now been my trademark. That’s why I named this web blog as “RedMission Indonesia”. It’s about my mission to help others. It’s just my tiny little contribution to make a little difference to the world.

My ultimate dream would be to run an NGO. It breaks my heart so much to see the less fortunate people around the Globe. Specially, seeing the people back in my beautiful homeland Indonesia. Most particularly, the face of innocent little children who are sick but their parents can not afford to bring them to the doctor or to hospital or those who can not go to school just simply because their parents can not afford to pay school fees.

I am so glad to have a close friend who has the same passionate and together we want to make the change! I stole below quote from a colleague of mine:

  “One person can only do so much, but that so much, can be oh so much!”